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The Lost Creek Settlement was Vigo County's first black settlement. The first free people of color to arrive in Vigo County were the families of Joseph Artis, Jethro Bass, Isaac Baty, Benjamin Bushnell, Benjamin Cole, Joseph Patterson, Adam Riley, Armstead Stewart, and Mathew Stuart. They arrived prior to 1830, and prior to the founding of Lost Creek Township. They had migrated from Maryland and North Carolina. They were free people of color, whose families had been freed during the colonial period of America.

The Underwood Settlement was the other black settlement in Vigo County. It was founded by John Underwood in 1841. The free people of color who settled here were the Allen, Bell, Hathecock, Manuel, Russell, and Underwood families. They all had migrated from the Lumbee Tribal land base in North Carolina. The settlement was located in Linton Township, which was also founded in 1841.

These settlements were "tri-racial isolate" communities, a mix of Native American, European, and African. They were largely endogamous, that is, marrying primarily within their own community, until about 1930. (More)

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Lost Creek Histories

feature 1 The Lost Creek Settlement History
Details the arrival of the core families who settled in the Lost Creek Settlement

feature 2 The Underwood Settlement
The history of the combined Underwood, Russell, and Batton families who founded and settled the Underwood Settlement in southern Vigo County.

feature 3 The Anderson Family
History of the Anderson Family from 1712 in Virginia to their settlement in Lost Creek

feature 4 The Bass Family
The Bass family, the first mixed race family in America. Their history from the arrival of John Smith in 1607, to the arrival of Jethro Bass in Vigo County

feature 5 The Cooper Family
One of the first families to settle in Lost Creek.

feature 6 The Evans Family
History of the descendants of the Evans Family, who settled in the Lost Creek Settlement.

feature 7 The Pettiford Family
History of the descendants of Archibald Pettiford, including Isaac Pettiford, who settled in the Lost Creek Settlement.

feature 8 The Russell Family
History of the descendants of George Russell, who settled in the Lost Creek Settlement.

feature 9 The Shepard Family
History of the descendants of Thomas F. Shepard and Elizabeth Bass.

feature 10 The Stewart Family
History of the Stewart Family, a mix of Scotish and African slaves, who migrated to Lost Creek.

feature 11 The Walden Family
History of the Walden Family.

feature 12 The Roberts Family
History of the descendants of Ishmael Roberts, who settled in the Lost Creek Settlement.

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