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Roberts, Harry H.

Birth: unknown
Death: Apr. 8, 1874

Son of R & A Roberts
aged 1y 11m 16d

Status: Located

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Roberts Cemetery, Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana, USA

Notes: The Roberts Cemetery

Kinchen Roberts owned 280 acres at the intersection of Hunt Road and Fort Harrison Road. In 1832, Kinchenís son Banister, was the first to die in Lost Creek, and was buried on Kinchenís property. In 1870, Kinchenís son Reden, set aside 1Ĺ acres of land, where his brother Banister and other pioneer family members were buried, for use as a community cemetery. This cemetery was commonly known as the Lost Creek Cemetery. However, most of the death certificates written after 1915 list this cemetery as the Shepard Cemetery, most likely because access to the cemetery was across property owned by Thomas F. Shepard, which was adjacent to Reden Roberts.

The cemetery was not subdivided off from the rest of Reden Roberts property, so after his death, and the subsequent death of his widow in 1928, the land was sold, and access to the cemetery was restricted by the new property owners. The cemetery was closed in 1929. The only recorded burial in the cemetery after it was closed, was that of Jemima Stewart Smith, in 1941. Her death certificate lists the place of burial as the "Sheppard Cemetery" [sic].

The Shepard property was sold in 1947, and the new land owners allowed their cattle to graze in the cemetery. The cattle displaced and/or destroyed many of the tombstones. In 1991, the current owners of what was the "Roberts" property, subdivided the cemetery off from the rest of the property. A fence was erected around the cemetery in 1993, and the cemetery was officially named the Roberts Cemetery in commemoration of Reden Roberts.

Cemetery Photos

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1Anderson, David Anderson, David
Birth: 1807
Death: Oct. 23, 1868

aged 61yrs  
2Anderson, Dovie and Angeline Anderson, Dovie and Angeline
Birth: 1861
Death: 1908
Birth: 1887
Death: 1893 
3Anderson, Eliza J. Scott Anderson, Eliza J. Scott
Birth: Oct. 22, 1842
Death: Aug. 2, 1861 
4Anderson, Emily Jane Anderson, Emily Jane
Birth: 1849
Death: Dec. 3, 1868

dau of J & N Anderson
aged 19y 10m 24d  
5Anderson, Enoch and Hepsy J. Anderson, Enoch and Hepsy J.
Enoch: Birth: 1853 Death: May 15, 1895 aged 41y 11m 16d
Hepsey J: Birth: 1850 Death: unknown wife of E Anderson 
6Anderson, Frances Ann 'Rances' Stewart Anderson, Frances Ann "Rances" Stewart
Birth: 1849
Death: 1926 
7Anderson, Henry Anderson, Henry
Birth: Oct. 12, 1835
Death: Jun. 30, 1862 
8Anderson, J. L. Anderson, J. L.
9Anderson, James V. Anderson, James V.
Birth: Mar., 1852
Death: Jan. 2, 1902

aged 50y 9m 6d
stone also reads Children of JW & MN Anderson  
10Anderson, John Lewis Anderson, John Lewis
Birth: 1826
Death: 1909

Pvt Co A
28 USCT 
11Anderson, Joshua Anderson, Joshua
12Anderson, Nancy Patterson Anderson, Nancy Patterson
Birth: unknown
Death: Sep. 6, 1877

wife of John Anderson Don't Grieve for Me for I am Safe

Note: aged 55y 7m 7d 
13Anderson, Nellie I. Anderson, Nellie I.
Birth: 1908
Death: 1908 
14Anderson, Ollie, B.S. & Early Anderson, Ollie, B.S. & Early
Birth: 1872
Death: Jun. 16, 1873
Birth: 1877
Death: Nov. 2, 1888
Birth: unknown
Death: Jul. 20, 1889

children of E & HJ Anderson
15Anderson, Rhoda Underwood Anderson, Rhoda Underwood
Birth: Sep. 16, 1809
Death: Apr. 13, 1872

wife of Jeremiah Anderson
aged 62y 6m 27d 
16Anderson, Thomas J. Anderson, Thomas J.
Birth: 1852
Death: 1928 
17Bass, Earl Chester Bass, Earl Chester
Birth: Aug. 21, 1908
Death: May 3, 1910
Died in Brazil, Clay, Indiana, USA

Note: hand etched stone 
18Beaty, John Beaty, John
19Bone, Martha E. Lindley Bone, Martha E. Lindley
Birth: unknown
Death: Feb. 22, 1888

Wife of H Bone

Note: aged 33ys 
20Boon, John and Lucy Boon, John and Lucy
John: Son of O & R Boon - aged 8y 2m 9d
Birth: 1862
Death: Nov. 15, 1870
Lucy: dau of O & R Boon - aged 2y 1m 7d
Birth: 1866
Death: Mar. 25, 1868
21Boon, Mary Boon, Mary
Birth: 1864
Death: Jan. 2, 1885

aged 20y 10m 8d 
22Boon, Oran Boon, Oran
Birth: 1835
Death: Jul. 10, 1888

A Free Person, son of John Boon and Leanna Walden. All were residents of Washington Twp., Owen Co., IN, in the 1850 Fed. Census 
23Boon, Rebecca Hawkins Boon, Rebecca Hawkins
Birth: May 4, 1841
Death: Jul. 13, 1867

Wife of O Boon

Note: aged 26y 2m 9d 
24Boon, Sarah J. Anderson Boon, Sarah J. Anderson
Birth: 1830
Death: Jan. 20, 1889

wife of Oran Boon

Note: aged 59 years 
25Burnett, Anna Roberts Burnett, Anna Roberts
Birth: 1825
Death: Sep. 16, 1906

aged 81 years  
26Chavis, James Chavis, James
Birth: 1793
Death: May 4, 1883

aged 90 years  
27Glover, Emeline Glover, Emeline
Birth: unknown
Death: unknown

wife of GW 
28Glover, George L. Glover, George L.
Birth: 1873
Death: Sep. 21, 1873

son of GW & E Glover
Note: aged 9 months 
29Glover, George W. Glover, George W.
Birth: 1826
Death: Jun. 3, 1876

aged 50 years 
30Glover, John T. Glover, John T.
Birth: 1871
Death: Feb. 17, 1872

son of WH & MT Glover
Note: aged 4m 2d 
31Glover, Maetter Glover, Maetter
Birth: 1871
Death: Nov. 17, 1888

dau of GW & E Glover
Note: aged 17y 1m 21d 
32Green, M. M. Green, M. M.
Birth: Feb. 23, 1873
Death: Mar. 21, 1873

dau of E Green 
33Green, O. A. Green, O. A.
Birth: Apr. 30, 1864
Death: Feb. 15, 1867

dau of E Green 
34Green, Simeon T. Green, Simeon T.
Birth: 1842
Death: Jun. 23, 1876

aged 34y 4m 2d 
35Green, William F. Green, William F.
Birth: Feb. 12, 1871
Death: Aug. 16, 1873

son of E Green
Note: (son of Edward and Mary Green)
36Hammonds, Mary M. Simpson Hammonds, Mary M. Simpson
Birth: Apr. 6, 1851
Death: Dec. 2, 1874

wife of WR Hamonds
Note: (wife of William Hamonds - dau of Steven Simpson) 
37Ivens, George Ivens, George
Birth: 1803
Death: Apr. 2, 1873

aged 69y 3m 22d 
38Jasper, John Jasper, John
Birth: unknown
Death: 1875
son of Sandy & Eday

Co E 28th USCT 
39Johnson, Andrew Johnson, Andrew
Birth: 1815
Death: Sep. 17, 1895

aged 73y 8m 22d 
40Johnson, Gille A. Johnson, Gille A.
Birth: unknown
Death: unknown

wife of A Johnson 
41Lindley, Elias Lindley, Elias
Birth: 1821
Death: Aug. 8, 1891

aged 70 yrs  
42Lindley, Henry & Anna Anderson Lindley, Henry & Anna Anderson
Henry A.:
Birth: 1858 Death: Oct. 2, 1890 Inscription: aged 32 yrs

Anna Anderson:
Birth: 1864 Death: Dec. 2, 1889 Inscription: aged 25 years 
43Malone, Emily Strayhorn Malone, Emily Strayhorn
Birth: 1805
Death: Jan. 30, 1867

wife of Samuel Malone 
44Malone, Oren E. Malone, Oren E.
Birth: 1841
Death: Apr. 1, 1862

aged 21y 1m 13d 
45March, Infant March, Infant
Birth: unknown
Death: Feb. 3, 1874

dau of Filbert & Julia March 
46Mitchell, John Mitchell, John
Birth: 1833
Death: Jul. 5, 1908 
47Mitchell, John M. Mitchell, John M.
Birth: Jan. 1, 1889
Death: 1923

Note: hand carved stone 
48Norton, Ottis W. and Thelma Norton, Ottis W. and Thelma
Birth: 1894
Death: unknown
49Patterson, William E. Patterson, William E.
Birth: Feb. 19, 1859
Death: Mar. 14, 1879

aged 20yrs & 5ds  
50Pettiford, Isaac Pettiford, Isaac
Birth: 1809
Death: Dec. 10, 1873

aged 62yrs & 8mo  
51Pettiford, Mary Ann M. Larter Pettiford, Mary Ann M. Larter
Birth: Feb. 18, 1828
Death: Mar. 7, 1872

Wife of Isaac P Pettiford
aged 43y 11m 11d  
52Pettiford, Polly Ann Pettiford, Polly Ann
Birth: 1849
Death: Aug. 1, 1868

Dau of J & MA Pettiford
aged 19y 1m 11d  
53Riley, Cyntha Riley, Cyntha
Birth: Feb. 23, 1839
Death: Aug. 26, 1879

Wife of GW Riley
aged 40y 6m 3d  
54Riley, Dora Riley, Dora
Birth: Mar. 28, 1869
Death: Nov. 26, 1882

dau of GW & C Riley
aged 13y 4m 2d  
55Roberts, Banister Roberts, Banister
Birth: 1811
Death: Aug. 13, 1832

son of ??? Roberts
aged 21 years 
56Roberts, Cecil Mitchell Roberts, Cecil Mitchell
Birth: 1890
Death: 1920 
57Roberts, Charles Roberts, Charles
Birth: 1844
Death: 1927

At Rest  
58Roberts, Cornelius Roberts, Cornelius
Birth: 1853
Death: 1863
59Roberts, Ellem Roberts, Ellem
Birth: unknown
Death: Jan. 11, 1896

Dau of C & J Roberts
aged 14y 7m 19d  
60Roberts, Ellem Roberts, Ellem
61Roberts, Gertie Roberts, Gertie
Birth: unknown
Death: Feb. 20, 1878

Dau of C & I Roberts
aged 2y 11m 17d  
62Roberts, Harry H. Roberts, Harry H.
Birth: unknown
Death: Apr. 8, 1874

Son of R & A Roberts
aged 1y 11m 16d  
63Roberts, Harry K. Roberts, Harry K.
Birth: unknown
Death: Apr. 7, 1874

Son of R & A Roberts
aged 1y 11m 15d 
64Roberts, Isabelle Anderson Roberts, Isabelle Anderson
Birth: 1845
Death: 1922

At Rest 
65Roberts, Kinchen and Nancy Roberts, Kinchen and Nancy
Kinchen: Birth: 1771 Death: Jun. 30, 1870 Aged 99 years
Nancy Stewart: Birth: 1773 Death: Feb. 7, 1866 
66Roberts, Louisa Roberts, Louisa
Birth: 1824
Death: Dec. 5, 1899

Aged 75 years  
67Roberts, Mary Ann Roberts, Mary Ann
Birth: unknown
Death: Jun. 1, 1842

wife of Benjamin
aged 24 years  
68Roberts, May Roberts, May
Birth: unknown
Death: Nov. 30, 1918

hand etched stone  
69Roberts, Reden Roberts, Reden
Birth: unknown
Death: Dec. 14, 1883

aged 65 years 
70Ross, Albert Ross, Albert
Birth: unknown
Death: Jan. 2, 1862 
71Russell, Mary E. Russell, Mary E.
Birth: Feb. 3, 1871
Death: Mar. 11, 1901
72Scott, Harriet Stewart Scott, Harriet Stewart
Birth: unknown
Death: Oct. 9, 1889

Wife of JW Scott
aged 71y 6m 14d  
73Scott, James W. Scott, James W.
74Smith, Jemima Stewart Smith, Jemima Stewart
75Smith, Jemima Stewart Smith, Jemima Stewart
76Stewart, Catherine A. Stewart, Catherine A.
Birth: 1861
Death: Mar. 3, 1865

Dau of M & MA Stewart
aged 3y 6m 17d  
77Stewart, Dixon Stewart, Dixon
Birth: 1801
Death: Mar. 30, 1880 
78Stewart, Dixon and Lucinda Stewart, Dixon and Lucinda
Dixon: Birth: 1801 Death: Mar. 30, 1880
Lucinda: Birth: 1809 Death: Dec., 1885
79Stewart, Elijah Stewart, Elijah
Birth: 1805
Death: May 27, 1874

aged 69 years 
80Stewart, Elison Stewart, Elison
Birth: Jan. 6, 1835
Death: Jan. 3, 1863

Son of G & L 
81Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart, Elizabeth
Birth: Mar. 31, 1832
Death: Dec. 22, 1848 
82Stewart, John W. Stewart, John W.
Birth: 1859
Death: Aug. 22, 1869

Son of
E & C Stewart
Aged 10y 6m 2d  
83Stewart, Kinchen Stewart, Kinchen
Birth: Aug. 4, 1833
Death: Mar. 4, 1853
84Stewart, Nancy Jane Stewart, Nancy Jane
Birth: 1857
Death: Mar. 28, 1866

Dau of E & C Stewart
aged 9y 2m 27d  
85Stewart, Oblen Elisha Stewart, Oblen Elisha
Birth: 1862
Death: May 8, 1862

Son of E & C Stewart
aged 3m 22d  
86Stewart, Steller Stewart, Steller
Birth: 1873
Death: Jun. 21, 1873

Dau of JB & ME Stewart
aged 1m 15d  
87Stewart, Thomas Stewart, Thomas
Birth: Jan. 27, 1843
Death: Apr. 24, 1880 
88Stewart, William C. Stewart, William C.
Birth: unknown
Death: Jun. 4, 1873

Son of Martha A and Jefferson P Stewart 
89Walden, George W. Walden, George W.
Birth: 1856
Death: Sep. 27, 1874

Son of Riley & Martha Walden  
90Walden, Martha A. Walden, Martha A.
Birth: 1841
Death: Nov. 15, 1878

Wife of Riley Walden
aged 37y 8m 5d  
91Walden, Ollie M. Walden, Ollie M.
Birth: 1871
Death: Jun. 30, 1883

aged 12 years  
92Walden, Robert Walden, Robert
Birth: 1840
Death: Nov. 10, 1909

Co B
28 U.S.C.I  
93Walden, Walker Austin Walden, Walker Austin
Born: 1861
Died: 1922 
94Walden, Wiley W. Walden, Wiley W.
Birth: 1860
Death: 1902

95Weathers, Elizabeth Roland Weathers, Elizabeth Roland
Birth: Jun. 2, 1816
Death: Apr. 1, 1893
96Weathers, Nathaniel Weathers, Nathaniel
Birth: 1771
Death: Jul., 1833

aged 62  
97Winfrey, Mary A. Roberts Winfrey, Mary A. Roberts
Birth: 1865
Death: Sep. 27, 1906

aged 47 years 

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